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Handcuffs on top of money - Manavi Law Group, APLCUnderstanding The Bond And Bail Process In A Criminal Case

For almost every charge, there’s a corresponding bail amount associated with it. Jails typically follow a standardized bail schedule, where each offense is assigned a specific monetary value. If you were to face multiple charges, the jailer would add up the bail amounts for each offense to determine the total bail against you.

This total can sometimes be incredibly high, even approaching a million dollars in some cases. Taking a step back, you’ll see this isn’t difficult, though: if you are charged with multiple offenses at a hundred thousand dollars of bail each, you’re pushing half a million dollars without blinking.

Fortunately, at your initial court appearance, your defense attorney can argue that the bail amount is unreasonable and should be reduced. If successful, the judge may lower the bail, and you’ll enjoy a healthy cut to a sky-high bill. For instance, if the initial bail was $500,000, and the defense attorney convinces the judge that it should only be $200,000, you would be on the hook for that amount.

If you decided to pay the full bail amount yourself, you would provide the jail with the entire $500,000 which would be returned to you after you make all required appearances in court. Expensive, yes, but this would guarantee you an appearance in court. On the other hand, you could instead go through a bail bondsman. Doing so, you would only pay a percentage of the bail, typically around 10%, to the bondsman. The bondsman then posts the full bail amount, assuming responsibility for you to appear in court.

In our scenario, you would pay $50,000 to a bail bondsman, who then covers the full bail — an additional $450,000. Then, once you make all of your required court appearances, the full $500,000 would go back to the bondsman, who would keep the $50,000 you paid him as a fee for posting the remaining amount. In this case, if your defense attorney can successfully negotiate a reduction in the amount of your bail to $200,000, you would only need to pay the bondsman around $20,000, resulting in significant savings.

The key takeaway? Waiting for even just a couple of days for the defense attorney to negotiate a lower bail amount can yield significant savings. It not only has essentially no downside but allows for cost savings and ensures your rights are properly represented in the legal process.

Restrictions are typically imposed on bond and bail. Most notable is travel restrictions. Often, individuals released on bail are prohibited from leaving the state, and in many cases, judges or bail bond agencies might specify more localized restrictions, such as not leaving a particular county, like Los Angeles County. Bail bond providers, especially for higher bond amounts, might require regular check-ins, ranging from once a week to once a day.

Judges frequently add further restrictions depending on the nature of the charges, such as driving without a valid license or insurance. In cases involving domestic violence, judges may impose a no-contact order, prohibiting communication with the alleged victim. These restrictions are designed to ensure the safety of the community, prevent potential witness tampering, and address specific concerns related to the alleged offense.

If you seek release through bail or bond, be prepared to comply with a range of restrictions similar to these, over and above the financial costs associated with your release.

Released From Jail – Next Steps

Once you’re released from jail, there are some key things you should do that will go far to make your case as solid as possible. This will make things much easier and smoother later on in your case.

Document Your Arrest


Contact A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Consult With An Attorney

Taking these steps as soon as possible is vital to building a solid defense. Documenting the circumstances of your arrest while the memories are fresh provides your attorney with valuable information. Self-care is essential for your well-being before delving into the legal complexities and helps you do so from a position of strength. Finally, contacting a criminal defense lawyer early in the process will enable you to navigate proceedings effectively, protect your rights, and work towards an ideal outcome for your case.

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