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The following article will cover:

  • The common types of criminal cases that often require legal representation.
  • Insights into domestic violence cases, including shifts in the primary aggressors' dynamics.
  • The potential factors contributing to the increase in domestic violence cases against men over the past few decades.

What Are The Common Types Of Criminal Defense Cases We Handle?

Our firm handles a wide range of criminal cases, most commonly including charges related to:

It's worth noting that while shoplifting was once a prevalent offense in California, it has become less frequent over the past few years. However, individuals from various backgrounds, ranging from teenagers to licensed professionals, have been accused of this crime. Many engage in shoplifting not out of necessity, but for the thrill it offers. Regardless of the reasons, it remains a criminal act.

How Can You Fight Charges Of Domestic Violence In California?

In the realm of domestic violence, it's often perceived that the primary aggressors are husbands against their wives. However, there have been many instances of violence within homosexual relationships. What's more, there have been a significant number of cases where wives or girlfriends are accused of being the aggressors against their husbands or boyfriends.

Addressing these cases can often involve reaching out to the prosecutor before official filings to advocate for a non-filing. This approach has proven to be particularly effective, especially in cases where the female is the alleged perpetrator.

Why Is It That You Would Prefer That They Don't File Those Types Of Cases?

When a case isn't filed by the prosecutor, it's a significant advantage for the client. This outcome is preferable because it indicates that while an arrest occurred, there's no conviction on the client's record. Essentially, this is akin to winning the case without undergoing the taxing process of a jury trial or facing the emotional challenges of a criminal case. For this reason, it is always in the client's best interest to prevent official filing when possible.

Why Do You Think There's Been An Increase In Domestic Violence Against Men Over The Past Few Decades?

It's uncertain whether there's been a genuine rise in domestic violence against men. However, a significant policy shift in California, informally termed the "O.J. Rule," may provide some insight. Stemming from the infamous O.J. Simpson case, this rule mandates that when law enforcement is called to a domestic violence scene, at least one party, if not both, must be taken into custody. This action is a preventative measure meant to ensure that domestic disturbances are addressed before they can increase in severity.

In the past, even if the police made multiple visits to a residence on domestic violence calls, no action had to be taken if there was no apparent physical harm or if the parties could persuade law enforcement that everything was fine. This passive approach changed after the O.J. Simpson case, where the tragic outcome prompted law enforcement officials to adopt a more proactive stance.

The increased number of women being arrested today might be due to this policy. Today, when the police respond to a domestic violence call and find evidence of violence against the man without corresponding evidence against the woman, the woman is more likely to be arrested. This shift in policy ensures that every domestic violence report is taken seriously, leading to a more balanced arrest record between genders. For more information on Common Criminal Cases Handled In California, an initial consultation is your next best step.

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