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Whether you are starting a business, purchasing a property, or facing a criminal conviction, dealing with legal challenges can keep you from moving forward. The outcome of your case can result in a life-changing situation, potentially impacting your home, business, or future financial security. In a criminal case, it could even mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. Fortunately, Manavi Law Group, APLC is here to help.

My name is Saman Manavi, and as the lead attorney at Manavi Law Group, APLC, I am prepared to thoroughly and thoughtfully analyze your individual case and collaborate with you to achieve the best possible results based on your objectives. If you are seeking a capable and reliable business or real estate lawyer, or if you need a professional to build a strategic defense for your criminal case, reach out to Manavi Law Group, APLC today.

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Meet Attorney Saman Manavi

Experienced California Business Law, Real Estate and Criminal Defense Attorney - Saman Manavi, Esq.

Mr. Manavi earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the University of California, San Diego and completed his legal training at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. During law school, Mr. Manavi was on staff at the Mani Brothers, LLC, a premier trophy-real estate group in Los Angeles.

After completing law school, Mr. Manavi spent a year in training in Century City law firms before founding Manavi Law Group, APLC in 2006. Since then, Mr. Manavi's practice has grown into the three areas where the firm practices: Business Litigation, Real Estate, and Criminal Defense.


Areas Of Practice

Business Law Attorney - Beverly Hills, CA
Businesses sue each other over many different issues. Contracts are breached every day. Trade secrets are stolen by employees and competitors alike. When this happens to you, it’s critical to work with a business lawyer who has experience resolving these matters and who is ready and able to take your case to trial whenever necessary.

And while having access to an attorney who will be your fierce advocate is important, it’s even better to work with someone who can help you avoid these problems before they ever arise. Aside from handling business lawsuits and disputes, I also assist clients who are just beginning to form their businesses. By building a strong foundation I aim to help you find success as you build and navigate your business in the years to come. Get your questions answered - call me for your free, 20 min phone consultation (310) 879-5616.
Real Estate Attorney - Beverly Hills, CA
Buying or selling property can be one of the most exciting events of your life, especially if you are a first-time property owner – and from a financial standpoint, a real estate transaction will likely be one of the biggest moments in your life.

Whether you are buying your first home or you’re a seasoned real estate professional, having a real estate lawyer can make the difference between closing with confidence and leaving empty-handed. Of course, a real estate agent is a requisite – but that agent may be biased, as they only get paid if you close the deal.

Having an impartial counsel to assist you adds value to your transaction and assurance to your decisions. When you need a competent real estate lawyer, you can trust Manavi Law Group, APLC to walk you through the real estate transaction process. As your real estate attorney, I will ensure that your best interests are center-stage throughout every step of the way.
Criminal Defense Attorney - Beverly Hills, CA
If you've been arrested, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. Being accused of a criminal act is likely one of the most emotionally taxing events you can encounter, and it is perfectly normal to feel scared, anxious, or ashamed. After you’ve been arrested or accused of committing a crime, your first action should be to remain silent. There is nothing you can say that will help you once the handcuffs are on, and anything you do say could be used against you and make your situation worse. Next, you should call Manavi Law Group, APLC for legal assistance. As your criminal defense lawyer, I will analyze your case and help you build a smart defensive strategy that will minimize the potential consequences for you.

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"Sam is a great Lawyer! Sam is a great attorney, very sincere and pleasant to have as an attorney, I didn’t know who? to get as my lawyer and I was referred to him. He helped me in every step of the process, he assured me that everything would be OK and guess what? everything is great! ???? he even helped me by giving me an excellent payment plan! I recommend Saman Manavi.”

– Tony

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“The work of deciding cases goes on every day in hundreds of courts throughout the land. Any judge, one might suppose, would find it easy to describe the process which he had followed a thousand times and more. Nothing could be farther from the truth.”
— Judge Benjamin N. Cardozo

Why Work With Manavi Law Group, APLC? 

Why Work With Manavi Law Group, APLC? - Manavi Law Group, APLC - Beverly Hills, CA

The world is full of problems that need to be solved, and a good lawyer should be able to use logic and knowledge to create real solutions to legal problems. I pride myself on leveraging my analytical abilities and understanding of the law to find the best possible outcome for my clients. What’s more, I back that commitment by remaining reachable around the clock to assist you whenever you need it.

As the lead attorney of Manavi Law Group, APLC, I am dedicated to serving the greater Beverly Hills, CA, community and providing legal remedies for my esteemed clients. With a focus on business, real estate, and criminal defense law, I have over 15 years of experience helping my clients with a range of legal issues – and I am ready to get to work to assist you.

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