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Small Business Advice

A growing company is one with legal concerns. As your business increases in size, it can become an attractive target for a property dispute, a disgruntled former employee, or dishonest individuals who attempt to obtain goods and services from your company without paying as agreed. Unfortunately many small businesses lack experienced legal counsel because they are focused on promoting growth. However, your small business can still be protected from legal challenges by coordinating with a diligent attorney from Manavi Law Group, APLC.

What Can Your Small Business Expect From Our Representation?

Your legal representation reflects on your business. A small business owner who has invested years of work into his or her venture deserves legal counsel that is as dedicated and strategic. If your small company selects Manavi Law Group, APLC for representation you can expect:

  • Professional service – When you work with our team, you can expect your attorney to approach matters in a way that protects your short term interests and long-term goals.
  • Responsive communication – Our approach emphasizes prompt, concise communication. If you have questions we strive to return your call or email as quickly as practicable, usually the same day.
  • Dedicated representation – When your business has a legal need, we do not rest until a strategic legal plan has been drafted and implemented. We are dedicated problem solvers and are fully committed to each of our clients.

Advocacy And Services For Small Businesses

Small Business Advice

Small and emerging businesses throughout California often have rapidly changing needs and concerns. Our firm can represent and advocate for your commercial interests in a broad array of matters not limited to:

  • Business entity selection and formation – Businesses that started as a sole proprietorship or a simple partnership may no longer offer adequate legal protections for the owner or owners. Our attorneys can help you choose and implement a structure for your business.
  • Contract drafting & review – A meticulous review of contracts and other legal documents can prevent drafting errors or a situation where parties think they are in agreement, but the meeting of the minds has not been reached. Avoiding a contractual dispute can save your business money and avoid distractions in your day-to-day operations.
  • Civil litigation – If a dispute has already developed into a litigated matter our team can provide dedicated representation. If an action has yet to be filed, we take a flexible approach to the matter that is likely to result in a favorable outcome for your business.

Manavi Law Group, APLC can provide dedicated representation, advocacy and strategic legal planning for your California small business. To schedule your confidential small business consultation, call (310) 879-5616 or contact us online at your earliest convenience.

Setting Up A Small Business In California

The following article will cover:

  • The ideal timing for engaging an experienced business law attorney during the planning process.
  • The key steps and minimal documentation required for forming a new business in California.
  • Strategies for mitigating business risks in California.

When Someone Decides To Start A Small Business, At What Point Of The Planning Process Is Ideal To Hire An Experienced Business Law Attorney?

In the domain of business planning, it's paramount to understand the implications of ownership when determining the right time to consult a business law attorney. For businesses with multiple stakeholders, it's a good idea to engage an attorney immediately after mutual agreements are reached. This ensures that the verbally established agreements are documented quickly and accurately.

Setting Up A Small Business In California

For solo entrepreneurs, the dynamics change. It would be wise to involve legal guidance when you're on the cusp of generating around $25,001 in revenue.

It's worth noting, however, that the early stages of a partnership, when profits might be minimal, can be particularly delicate. It's thus imperative to have agreements cemented in writing, regardless of the business's financial trajectory.

What Are The Key Steps In Forming A New Business In California? What Documents Are Required?

Embarking on a business journey in California can be a swift process with surprisingly minimal documentation at its core. You essentially only need to provide a valid driver's license and social security number. With these credentials, your business could potentially be up and running within a day.

The foundation of this process is built on a well-defined verbal agreement among all involved parties. Once this agreement is clear between business partners, it can be transitioned into formal documentation. This happens by engaging an attorney in a meeting to discuss your plans and agreements, which typically lasts about an hour. The required details can be captured and then documented.

Next, the necessary documents will be filed with the relevant state and federal entities such as the IRS and Secretary of State. Finally, the culmination of this process will be the first shareholders' meeting, where foundational contracts of the corporation are signed by the business partners in their attorney’s office.

Once this process is solidified, most business structures can operate smoothly without having to dive back into such legal nuances for approximately a year.

How Do We Help Mitigate Risk For Businesses?

Risk mitigation in the business landscape is an exercise tailored to the unique characteristics of each business. One prevalent strategy, especially for sizable operations, is the separation of business components.

Consider, for instance, a food products distributor. By separating the warehouse, trucking, importing, and exporting functions into separate business entities, each can function in its compartmentalized capacity. This ensures that a potential liability in one sector, say trucking, does not ripple and destabilize the entire business. This strategy serves as a robust shield, safeguarding diverse business facets from intertwined risks. For more information on Setting Up A Small Business In California, an initial consultation is your next best step.

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