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Purchase And Sale Of A Business

Selling your business may be the most difficult business decisions you will ever make. Once the business has matured, or you are ready for the next stage of life, you need clear and impartial advice regarding the impact of the sale. An attorney can provide the perspective and advice you need to make an informed decision.

An experienced lawyer can assist with the preparation of a presentation that will be shown to prospective purchasers or investors. Your attorney can also work with the tranition team--accountants, appraisers, and your employees and vendors, to facilitate a smooth transfer of the company.

Can a Lawyer Help Sell Your Business?

Sometimes business owners do not consider the sale of their business until the business is in peril. Unfortunately, this is when flexibility is limited, and possibly the worst time to sell. Our team is experienced with assisting sellers of businesses. We can assist in analyzing your company's financial position, business goodwill, and other data so that you enter negotiations armed with the information you'll need to get the correct value for your firm.

Attention to the details at this time will almost certainly help you in the long run and protect you from unexpected problems or costly litigation in the future. Our team can explain stock sales, asset sales, and other forms of transfer. An attorney from our firm will advise you as to the form of transfer that is likely to be most favorable. Your attorney will also advise you in regard to the representations and warranties that may be created by your actions during the sale process.

Preparation Is Essential

Purchase And Sale Of A Business

An attorney from the Manavi Law Group, APLC can assist you with getting your transition team into place. Once you have formed an appropriate team, and received an acceptable offer, we will prepare a draft of asset and stock sale agreements. This early preparation allows you to be prepared for objections or questions from the buyer. More importantly, it allows negotiations to begin and allows the team to focus on the details of the sale.

Put Our Business Transaction Experience To Work For You

We can help you to increase the likelihood of receiving the maximum in compensation for your business. At Manavi Law Group, APLC, our team is experienced and can spot issues before they become problems. Our experience will give you the confidence to rest easy-- a seasoned lawyer is overseeing the details and particulars of your sale. Whether you are an entrepreneur selling your business, or if you are simply ready to retire, our skilled team can assist you with all aspects of the sale of your business. We will help you get the most amount of money for your business while limiting any potential liability. To schedule your confidential consultation, call (310) 879-5616 or contact us at your earliest convenience.

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