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Black lease agreement with pen and glasses - Manavi Law Group, APLC.A lease is a contract for a piece of real property for a specific duration of time. Leases can be as short as one day and as long as 99 years. They can be for residential property (houses, apartments, etc) or commercial property (such as an office space, retail store, or warehouse). In most situations, the landlord and tenant will decide the particulars of their own deal and reduce it to writing at their own discretion. Depending on the type of property involved and the length of the lease, the State of California may also impose some terms. That’s where an experienced attorney makes all the difference.

Whether you are a tenant, a landlord, or a property management company, you are likely to have questions about your rights and obligations under California law. As a tenant-friendly state, California landlords of residential property (and their agents) operate with care in all actions they take, or they may find themselves the target of a lawsuit or a counterclaim. On the other hand, tenants must adhere to certain standards or face eviction and further action for damages.

Manavi Law Group, APLC provides careful guidance and advocacy for both tenants and landlords in Beverly Hills, CA, and throughout Southern California. A clear and thorough lease agreement that both parties fully understand can often minimize disagreements. A well-drafted lease agreement will establish the character and rules of the relationship at the beginning. The tenant will fully understand the consequences should it fail to pay the rent, habitually pay the rent late, or violate express or implied terms of the lease agreement. Similarly, the landlord will be put on notice of the potential consequences of failing to make promised repairs, improperly withholding a security deposit, or otherwise denying quiet enjoyment to the property.

Review Of Leases

We can also review a lease drafted by another law firm to help address the points that are important to you while clarifying and resolving many unclear elements that may lead to future conflict. If another attorney has drafted a commercial lease for you to sign, we carefully consider issues including:

  • Lease option
  • Rent increase or rent adjustment
  • Term of lease (long-term vs. short-term) considerations
  • Arbitration or mediation clauses
  • Land use or zoning compliance
  • Maintenance of common areas
  • Right of first refusal
  • Permits and licensing requirements
  • Compliance with legal provisions
  • Assignment
  • Subletting
  • Use clause
  • And more…

We recognize that every client’s experience is unique and comes with its own opportunities and challenges. Therefore, we fully analyze each situation prior to working to provide a thoroughly considered lease agreement.

We don’t just do this, though. We help you manage your residential lease agreement when confronted with any of the many obstacles you may encounter along the way. Common ones include:

Negotiating Terms

Depending on who you have to deal with, negotiating favorable terms for a lease can be challenging, if not impossible. If you partner with us, our rental agreement lawyer steps in and imputes their bargaining power to you, giving you a much higher chance of success. We draw on our knowledge of the law and local market to make this happen.

Industry-Specific Language

Every industry has its own jargon. Navigating real estate and rental agreements is no exception. We save you the time it would take to get up to speed on this front so you can find the ideal location on your own timeline, when you need it – now. The consequences of signing something you don’t fully understand are tremendous. We ensure you avoid them out of the gate.


Southern California is perhaps the most competitive place in the country, if not the world when it comes to residential properties. Manavi Law Group, APLC.’s lease agreements lawyers understand this fully and tailor their service accordingly. We work swiftly to ensure your highest chances of securing the ideal property, knowing demand is high and availability is limited. If rejected, we are quick to turn around and help you with the next one.


Complying with the many local, state, and federal laws that intersect with real estate isn’t an easy task. We take the burden so you don’t have to worry about getting tripped up by these risks, whether associated with occupancy limits or your rights as a tenant or landlord.

Maintenance And Repairs

Disputes over maintenance and repair of property between tenants and landlords are perhaps the most common of all, and unclear agreements are very often the cause of them, to begin with. Our lease agreements lawyers ensure all necessary documentation is drafted in a clear and concise manner. Our goal here is to reduce, if not eliminate, unnecessary points of tension from arising later down the road and uphold your quality of life as a tenant or business operations flow as a landlord.


When issues pertaining to subleasing arise, we step in for needed clarity and mediation. Seeking permission to sublease to another party is often met with immediate opposition, but with the skilled and understanding negotiation techniques we employ, you may be surprised by the outcome.


Renewing a lease can be challenging, depending on how your landlord approaches it. As many do, they may seek to increase the cost of rent or modify other terms of the lease agreement while burying the changes deep into the agreement and without explicitly telling you. Rather than experiencing this uncertainty, with us, you will have all the clarity in the world. This will have implications far beyond the immediate lease: you’ll have a better idea as to what your future will look like and how you can plan other aspects of your life.

And More

Lease Agreement Attorneys

Manavi Law Group, APLC provides experienced lease agreement guidance for those in Los Angeles and throughout California. If you are drafting a residential or commercial lease agreement or are seeking review of a contract, we can help. Don’t keep Googling lease agreement lawyer near me. Rather, contact us at your earliest convenience or call us at (310) 879-5616 and schedule a confidential consultation.

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