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Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Manavi Law Group, APLC has assisted landlords in disputes with tenants, primarily representing landlords in eviction procedures. Whether you are residential landlord or a commercial landlord whose tenant is not paying rent, we can represent you in court appearances to evict the tenant over the failure to pay.

This area of law can be complex, and knowing the rental rights of a tenant is essential. Talking to an experienced landlord tenant lawyer can help the eviction process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Many area landlords do not know the complex Los Angeles County Rent Control rules. Complicating things further are local ordinances in West Hollywood and Santa Monica. This complex patchwork of laws has made it difficult, if not impossible, to relieve the landlord of a difficult residential tenant. Your best option is to hire an experienced attorney to handle these matters for you.

In addition to evictions, Manavi Law Group, APLC also deal with the following landlord tenant matters:

  • Wrongful Evictions
  • Tenants Rights
  • Landlords Rights
  • Draft Leases
  • Lease Violations

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