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Handling Criminal Defense Cases in California - Manavi Law Group, APLC.Criminal defense, for me, represents the purest form of law. Even a solo lawyer like myself can genuinely make a difference in a person’s life since it deals directly with your liberty. The purity lies in the shared pursuit of justice by everyone involved — from defense lawyers to prosecutors and judges. Justice being served may even mean that a guilty person walks free. The commitment is to uphold the law. People always ask me, “What do you do if you know that your client is guilty, but you can get them a dismissal?” The answer is always, “Well, you get them the dismissal because the law requires a dismissal.” This might sound unfair, but if it’s what the law would have, then it’s just.

Ensuring that everyone receives a proper defense is essential for the justice system to function. Without it, there’s a risk of the police disproportionately targeting poor individuals, leading to false accusations, for example. While it’s acknowledged that wealthy individuals likely have better access to legal representation, a dedicated defense lawyer driven by the purity of the law and liberty, regardless of a person’s financial status, strives to provide the same level of commitment and representation.

As an attorney, it’s a priority of mine to take cases where I can positively impact my client. The most rewarding aspect of criminal defense, in my perspective, is the potential to leave them in a better position than when they first sought legal assistance. The importance of the work I do lies in my ability to genuinely improve their life, leaving them better off than if we had never crossed paths. If I do my job and I do it right, my client is better off when I shake their hand for the last time and say, “Good luck.” And there’s nothing that gives me more satisfaction.

Criminal Defense Cases My Firm Handles

The primary focus of my criminal defense practice involves cases related to driving offenses, particularly DUIs. This is just the way it is since these crimes are committed much more frequently than others. These cases typically include people who have lost their license, continue to drive, or drive without insurance. These offenses are misdemeanors, and potential consequences may include jail time.

The next tier of cases consists of domestic violence and drug offenses. I handle a substantial number of these cases, reflecting the frequency of such incidents. Domestic violence and drug offenses are serious matters, and my firm is dedicated to providing effective representation for anyone facing charges in these areas.

While considerably less common, my firm also takes on serious  felony cases, typically murder cases. Additionally, we have experience with a limited number of sexual assault cases at the felony level. Although these cases are rarer, they are the most serious that I handle. When people approach me with such cases, I prioritize getting involved in the case as early as possible so as to maximize my ability to advocate for them effectively. The sooner I get involved, the more good I can do for them.

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